Funding Opportunity: Basketball Practice Facility

In a sport where home court advantage means so much, Mason’s basketball programs are missing a home. While home games are played at EagleBank Arena, only a small percentage of practices, training, weight lifting, film study, and team meetings actually take place there.

As one of the most successful arenas in the country, EagleBank Arena is booked for more than 100 dates per year, often relegating Mason's basketball teams to practice at the Recreation and Athletic Complex (RAC), in space shared with other student activities. While the RAC is a wonderful facility, it lacks the dedicated spaces for lockers, offices, academic tutoring, training, and sports medicine that are typically found at the home of an Atlantic-10 Conference team. To remedy this, we are planning an addition to the RAC that will consolidate all of the essential functions for the teams in one place.

A two-phase approach will provide an interim solution for the teams while the full facility is under construction. Phase 1 includes improvements to the existing upstairs gym at the RAC (the “Cage Gym), including new hardwood courts, six basketball goals, new lighting, and team branding. The cost of phase 1 is estimated at $1 million.

Phase 2 consists of the complete design and construction of the entire addition to the RAC. All of the improvements made in phase 1 will be incorporated into the addition, so no investment will be lost or used only temporarily.

Major improvements are also planned for the men’s basketball locker room at EagleBank Arena. These improvements will offer student-athletes new lockers and benches, a team lounge, film room, and an updated design to the decades-old facility.

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If you would like to contribute or learn more about the project, contact Jennifer Montgomery, director of development for intercollegiate athletics, at 703-993-3217 or by email at