Helping the SciTech Campus Thrive

A major site for innovation and evolution at Mason is the Science and Technology Campus located in Prince William County. The Science and Technology Campus has grown exponentially since its founding in 1997 as the Prince William Campus, and was recently renamed in April 2015. The campus now houses the majority of classes for programs such as nursing and engineering. Additionally, many engineering, recreation, health, and tourism, and several science courses are held there.

The campus boasts a full-service recreation center and gym, which is available to the community as well; fully functioning laboratories (science and computer); dining services; academic service; and more.

The Hylton Performing Arts Center is also located on the Science and Technology campus, bringing entertainment, art galleries, and family fun to the Prince William and Mason communities.

The campus’ unique nature and collection of offerings make it an asset to the university and the region. It is a hub for learning and educational opportunities, as well as liberal arts and entertainment.

In addition to scholarship, facilities, and Hylton Center giving opportunities, the campus itself has its own fund to support. Donations to the Science and Technology Campus Fund support community initiatives on the campus.

Support the SciTech Campus

9/28/2016 - CM