Mason Nation is Waiting for You

Do you know that feeling of excitement that comes when you have great news that you can’t wait to share with friends? That’s how I feel whenever I get the chance to tell someone about George Mason University.

Throughout the entire year of 2018, we are celebrating 50 years of the alumni association, which means the 50th anniversary of the birth of Mason Nation. Where does your university stand, after just five decades? Let me tell you.

Here’s the great news: Mason today takes a back seat to no one. This university has it all: world-class faculty, a beautiful campus, fantastic facilities, impactful research, inspiring students, and a commitment to student access and to learning of the highest quality.

Each decade and each generation has had its own type of Mason experience. While it’s always fun to reminisce, that was then; this is now. Today, you have the power to define your relationship with Mason based not on what was, but instead on what you and Mason can do for each other now—and certainly in the future.

Decade by decade, year by year, Mason gets stronger and better. No matter when you earned your Mason degree, in 2018 its value is high. In so many fields that are in demand and that enrich our lives, Mason talent leads the way. As our university’s standing and prestige grows, so does the value of your degree in the eyes of employers and others.

Just as importantly, the Mason Nation—now 185,000 strong—sees you as a fellow Patriot. What will you make of your connection to Mason? Consider the many ways you can benefit now from being a Mason alum—through professional relationships, through enjoyment of the arts or athletics, or through the rewarding feeling of interacting with a vibrant group of students. And consider how Mason can in turn benefit from what you have to contribute—your knowledge, life experience, spirit, and support.

Thousands of alumni choose each year to be part of the Mason community. If you are still looking, or waiting, for your opportunity to reconnect, I hope that this year’s anniversary celebration prompts you to do so. I am sure you will be glad that you did.

There is so much we can do for each other, together.


Janet E. Bingham, PhD
Vice President, Advancement and Alumni Relations
President, George Mason University Foundation

March 2018 / reprinted from Spirit, the magazine for the George Mason University community