George Mason University Foundation, Inc.

The George Mason University Foundation was established in 1966 to assist the university in generating private support and to manage, invest, and administer private gifts, including endowment and real property.

The terms of the current class of trustees began July 1, 2017.


Joseph J. O’Brien, Jr.

Vice Chair
Terri Cofer Beirne, ’88

John T. Niehoff, ’84

Jeffery M. Johnson, ’75

Janet E. Bingham, PhD

Chief Financial Officer
Susan Van Leunen


Sharon P. Apricena
Henry N. Butler
Ángel Cabrera
Teresa H. Carlson
James J. Consagra
Dennis J. Cotter, ’80
Jeffrey S. Detwiler
Gene L. Frogale, ’08
Nicole A. Geller, ’86
Timothy H. Gillis
Mark R. Ginsberg
Benjamin H. Graham, ’77
Alfred Grasso
Dorothy S. Gray
Brian J. Hays
Kevin M. Hern, ’05
Jenny E. Herrera, ’95
Todd R. House, ’90, ’03
Najaf S. Husain
John M. Jacquemin
Paul E. Kyle
Kay W. Lewis
Lance A. Liotta
M. Yaqub Mirza
Trevor J. Montano, ’00
John R. Muha, II, ’81
Michael A. Murray, ’92
J.D. Myers, II
Gary G. Nakamoto
Robert W. Noonan
Dolly C. Oberoi
John Paul Phaup, ’91
Kenneth D. Reid, ’72
Ali A. Saadat
Carole J. Scott, ’83
Nancy Rose Senich
Jeffrey A. Smith, ’83
Susan E. Soza
Michael E. Stievater
Sonya J. Stone, ’83
Bruce D. Wardinski
Daniel R. Wotring



Articles of Incorporation
GMU Foundation Bylaws
IRS Determination Letter
Conflict of Interest Policy
Virginia Sales Tax Exemption
Foundation Code of Ethics


Audited Financial Statements – June 30, 2017
2015 Form 990 (Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2016)
2015 Form 990-T (Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2016)

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