We’re going faster farther. Come with us.

Welcome to Faster Farther: The Campaign for George Mason University, a $500 million comprehensive fundraising campaign that celebrates Mason’s extraordinary growth as well as the university’s bold plans for the future.

Running through 2018, our campaign seeks to raise funds for three critical priorities:

  • Students: By improving access to higher education and providing students with the best possible experience while they are here, we will prepare future generations for success.
  • Research: Recruiting, retaining, and rewarding Mason’s stellar faculty and enabling them to lead groundbreaking research initiatives in a wide range of fields—from the humanities to the hard sciences—will be critical to the university’s future.
  • Campus: Our strong presence in Fairfax, Arlington, and Prince William County offers a place to gather for everyone in the Northern Virginia community, adding to this dynamic region’s intellectual and cultural life. New and renovated facilities ensure those campus connections will deepen and grow.

To reach the goal, Mason needs those who are closest to the university—the alumni, the faculty and staff, the parents, the students, and the long-time friends—to participate and to be champions for the cause. It won’t be just a few who move Mason faster and farther than anyone can imagine: it will be many coming together, with purpose and pride, to ensure that Mason can achieve its highest aspirations.