Why Giving Day Matters

It's hard to imagine, but the George Mason University we value for being a bold upstart in Virginia's higher education system marks a major milestone in 2018: the 50th anniversary of the Alumni Association and our first graduating class. And at the end of 2018, our university as a whole marks the conclusion of the Faster Farther campaign.

These milestones point to an important shift in the way others see us and the way we see ourselves. If Mason was set on its current trajectory by community leaders with dreams of what this university could become, those dreams are now being realized beyond all expectation. Mason is now a top-rated research university powered by the daily interactions of dedicated teachers and inspired—inspiring—students. We are a home for both humanities and the hard sciences, of athletics and the arts. We have arrived, and our large alumni body is the key testament to our success.

Our alumni, our faculty, and our staff are now in a position to help advance Mason faster and farther still. That's why this year we will hold our second annual Giving Day on April 5, 2018. In the space of just 24 hours, everyone in Mason Nation will be encouraged to make their mark by making a gift to Mason. Our staff has been hard at work to identify a series of projects that donors on the day might wish to support—projects that can benefit our entire university community: students, faculty, and staff. To read more about them and learn more, visit today.

Holding a Giving Day expresses our belief in the power of broad-based support, especially from alumni. It's also a reminder that each and every person who sees the promise of George Mason University, its amazing faculty and enterprising students, can be a donor.

How Faculty and Staff Can Help

Whether you give or not, Giving Day also proves that everyone in the Mason community can be a fundraiser—especially faculty and staff. Many of you already make gifts to Mason. Your connections to current and former students, to other alumni, and to friends and neighbors, make you supremely suited to be one of Mason’s ambassadors as Giving Day draws near.

So please do what you can to get the word out. Learn about our funding projects at, post to social media why you support our university (using hashtag #Give2Mason), and mark your calendars for Giving Day itself: April 5, 2018. Your contribution is one we can all be proud of for taking Mason faster and farther.

Thank you for supporting Mason.


Janet E. Bingham, PhD
Vice President, Advancement and Alumni Relations
President, George Mason University Foundation

March 12, 2018