Three Decades and Counting—On You

The Alumni Association Scholarship Campaign Continues


Gifts made to the Alumni Association scholarship endowment fund have helped provide a first-rate education to deserving Mason students since 1985. It’s a strong tradition, more than three decades of support from Mason alumni who want to create an ever-improving college experience for the classes who will come after them. They know that their gifts count, because the endowment fund will last in perpetuity. Now they’re counting on you, too.

“One of the greatest tools that we have to affect our future is the ability to assist students in achieving their educational goals” says Brian Jones, MA Public Policy ’06 and president-elect of the George Mason University Alumni Association. “We’re proud that our scholarship campaign has reached hundreds of alumni who are contributing to the university for the first time. They want to do their part and share the belief that Mason transformed their lives and inspired them to achieve greatness in their fields.”

Through 2018, we’re calling on proud Patriots to help build the Alumni Association scholarship endowment fund—at any level—and, with it, a new tradition of giving back. A series of student and alumni–focused video vignettes (complemented by email, direct-mail, and phone outreach) has helped carry the message in concert with the university’s larger Faster Farther campaign.

To date the alumni effort to build up five key scholarships through the endowment has raised $14,465 from 140 alumni gifts and pledges toward its $50,000 goal.

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LH / June 16, 2016