The Gift of an Education

No matter when you graduated, you know Mason is there for its alumni. Mason graduates can boast a high return on investment unmatched by those from any peer institution in the Commonwealth of Virginia. More than that, they have the thorough grounding in a range of disciplines, from the humanities to the hard sciences, that helps equip them to ask tough questions and gain deep satisfaction from learning in later life. Their experience in the classroom, whether assisting cutting-edge research or grappling with foundational ideas, has a profound effect.

“Even though I’ve been out of school a short time,” says Gleason Rowe ’11, “I can truly say that the experience and quality education I received from Mason has prepared me well.” Alumni who graduated decades earlier, such as Pete Farrell ’79 MBA ’05, can feel proud of paving the way of thousands of later graduates. As Pete notes of alumni who graduated with him in the '70s and '80s, “We are the original DNA that formed the now well-known and respected George Mason University,” a university still "very young and still adventuresome" thanks to earlier Patriots.

As a season of giving continues, Tennille Smith Parker ’97 joins Gleason and Pete in asking for alumni support to help provide a Mason education today. “The faculty and staff invested in us, with hopes that we would all go on to fulfill the legacy that education provides,” Tennille notes. “As alumni, we can point with pride to the university’s accomplishments and its current students—but we can also leave a lasting legacy by investing in those students. [...] This is our opportunity to make a difference and create an opportunity for future Mason students."

As Gleason, Pete, and Tennille know, giving takes just a moment—but the gift of scholarship funding can last for a lifetime.

Help Mason’s students go faster farther by investing in their futures.

Give the Gift of a Mason Education

December 16, 2015