The Mason DREAM Scholarship

Of the many worthy scholarships available at Mason, one fund in particular has been established to support an under-served, underrepresented portion of the student population.

The DREAM Scholarship, administered by the School of Business, provides scholarships to students whose immigration status might otherwise hinder them from accessing higher education. The scholarship is awarded based on merit as well as financial need. Both in-state and out-of-state students may apply, as may both documented and undocumented immigrant students regardless of their Visa, DACA, and/or TPS status.

This scholarship is one small effort made possible thanks to a wide network of dedicated individuals across Mason who give both time and talent to support Mason's “Dreamers.”

“The Mason Dreamers work hard to distinguish themselves as smart, focused, and hardworking individuals with a commitment to bettering themselves and the community at large,” notes Lisa Gring-Pemble, a donor and founder of the DREAM Scholarship. “It is their commitment, their stories, their integrity and passion, and their exemplary performance that have brought this funding opportunity to fruition.”

Still relatively new as of 2017, the DREAM scholarship will open the doors to higher education for many young Dreamers in pursuit of a better life. You can help make their dreams come true by helping to fully fund and endow the Mason DREAM Scholarship.

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January 2017 / CM